Dear Gymnastics and Dance Parents,

We have completed setting up our online registration with a nationally recognized company and you can register at any time of the year as long as we have an available spot. All student will be enrolled until June, 2020 when we have our End-Of-Year Annual Fun Meet. When you are logged into your account, you will be able to make E-check payments from home ($25 returned check fee will apply if you enter wrong account information). You will be able to see your child enrollment and the history of all charges and payments as well. Credit Cards will NOT be accepted because it requires additional price increases. We will no longer accept paper registration forms for the 2019-2020 season. In order to register you need to click on the “Register for School Year 2019-2020” button at the bottom of this page and create your Online Account with our Parent Portal. The Fall Registration starts in May and in July some classes are already full. If you want to enter the Waiting List, you can do it trough your account online. For example, all classes during the week at 5:00pm already have a Waiting List and our suggestion is to sign up and do 3:55pm class until there is available spot for you at 5:00pm.
Please read carefully the information bellow. You can also contact the office if you need assistance.

Please follow these steps in order to register for a class:

      1. Create and log in to your family Online Account (top right on the Parent Portal).
      2. Find the class you want to register for using the filter for Age, Gender, Program, Week Day.
      3. Click “Enroll Now”, select “Student”, “Continue Enrollment”. If you select a class out of your student’s age range or the class is already full, it will be a “Request” for enrollment (Wait List) and our approval is needed.
      4. Click “Add to Cart”, “Proceed to Checkout” or “Find another Class”, “Continue”, “Complete Transaction”

Please read the following important information:

      1. You will be enrolled for the entire 2019-2020 school year which is 40 weeks (5 Pay Periods of 8 weeks).
        If you need to drop before the end of the school year, you have to make a “drop request” by email at least 30 days prior. You have the ability to request a “class transfer” as well. If you are enrolling after the first class of any Pay Period, the system will prorate your tuition. 
      2. During registration you can do online E-check payment. There will be an Anniversary (registration) fee of $25 per student good for 12 months and the prorated tuition for the classes left until the end of the current Pay Period (each 8 weeks).

If you need assistance setting up your account, please feel free to contact our office during business hours at
(860) 646-3687.
Cash or checks will still be accepted in the office if needed.

 We value you as part of our gymnastics and dance community!

Register for School Year 2019-2020