Competitive Programs


The owners of the gym, Lazar and Iliana have won numerous medals in International gymnastics competitions and hold B.S. degrees in gymnastics coaching. Lazar was an alternate for the 1988 Olympic Games and Iliana competed at the 1994 World Championships.

We know that not everyone will be an Olympian, but we know also that we can help our students to achieve their best. We promote learning life skills as goal setting, making smart effort and how to be an achiever.

Lazar Gakev – 1 Place All Around at 1997 Cuperus Cup, Antwerp (Belgium)

Trampoline and Tumbling Competitive Program (T&T)

 We offer a Trampoline team ages 10+, as well as a Junior T&T team ages 6-10. These teams are open to both boys and girls, with no experience necessary. Each team trains to compete individual routines on 3 different events (trampoline, double-mini trampoline, and basic tumbling.) The competitions are divided into difficulty levels and the awards are given by age group for each level. Boys and girls train together and attend the same competitions but do not compete against each other. Besides teaching basic and more advanced skills, our goal is to help young athletes develop higher self-esteem. We promote teamwork, sportsmanship and learning how to set goals and achieve them. The beginner level will start with basic trampoline jumps and will be learning the following skills:                                               

Front flip in tuck position                           
Silk City Trampoline and Tumbling competitive team
Trampoline and Tumbling competitive team
Back flip in tuck position
Front flip in pike position
Back flip in pike position
Barani pike


The practice times are:
Junior T&T Team – Mondays 5:00-7:00 pm 
T&T Team – Mondays 6:30-8:30 pm and Wednesdays 7:00-9:00 pm

Please contact us for more specific information.

USA Gymnastics Development Competitive Program

Competitive team is a long term commitment for its members and their families. Our Pre-Team group is by invitation only and is designed to prepare the young gymnast with the required routines needed to begin competing at Level 3. In the Compulsory levels 3-5 all gymnasts perform the same routine within their level. The gymnasts will continue to build a solid foundation of the basic skills while focusing on strength and flexibility. Reinforcing proper body positions is important to perform more advanced skills in a safe manner. The Optional levels 6-10 provide opportunity to the gymnast to express their individuality through choreographed routines while competing complex skills. Each level has a mobility score requirement, as well as the mastery of specific skills, in order for the gymnast to advance to the next level.

List of our State and Regional Champions >>

USA Gymnastics Xcel Competitive Program

Xcel is an alternative competitive program offering 5 different levels – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.  Our Xcel team is by invitation only and each gymnast is evaluated to determine the appropriate starting level. The Xcel team offers the opportunity  to compete sooner (based on more flexible rules) without the intense time commitment. It allows gymnasts to focus on their individual strengths, as well as training more challenging skills. Just like our USAG Developmental program, each gymnast will continue to build a solid foundation of basic and advanced skills done at a more moderate pace

List of our State and Regional Champions >>

 Please contact us for a competitive team evaluation.

Gymnastics Team Summer Registration


Guidance for Fall Registration: 

  1. Go to the Log in link on the top right to access your Parent Portal account or create new one if needed. 
  2. Go to Booking (top left) 
  3. Use the filter, select Gymnastics or Trampoline Team in Programs and click Submit
  4. Enroll to the Level of the group your child is invited