Protocol for Gymnastics Classes (ages 5+)

 Last updated 3/28/2021

Each student is required to have a bag with  a water bottle and hands sanitizer. Everyone age 2 and up is required to wear a face mask at all times.                                                


  • During class we will have 6-12 ft. physical distancing between students and  6 ft. physical distancing in the lobby
  • Only one parent/guardian per student will be allowed in the building during class. It’s preferred to have less people in the lobby.
  • Upon arrival everyone (gymnasts, employees, parents) is required to sanitize hands and temperature  will be checked with an infrared thermometer
  • There will be enough time between classes to assure that there are not too many people at the gym at the same time 
  • All gymnasts are expected to come with appropriate clothes ready to start class. The changing room will not be used.
  • It’s recommended that a guardian under the age of 60 to transport the gymnast  
  • Touchless faucets, hand dryers, light switches and soap dispensers have been installed. Cleaning protocols are in place for bathrooms and gym equipment. 
  • We need to emphasize education and build new habits to “avoid touching one’s nose, mouth, and eyes”.

Before class:

  • All classes will enter through the designated entrance.
  • All gymnasts will enter the class with their bag. Entering the gym area, gymnast will put their shoes in the bag

During class:

  • Only one parent/guardian per gymnast will be allowed to stay in the building during class. Viewing the class through the windows from the parking lot is also an option.
  • Each event will have preassigned stations. Gymnasts will carry their bags from station to station.
  • Only one gymnast at a time will be allowed to go to the bathroom (with shoes and mask on)
  • Spotting by a coach will be allowed only for safety reasons.

After class:

  • Students will sanitize hands and will be dismissed individually upon parent/guardian arrival. Please be on time.
  • The gym’s back door will be used for dismissal.